Our company, New-In Co., Ltd., was established in 1996 for supplying pharmaceutical materials and has expanded its business in supplying functional foods and cosmetic materials as well. Our professional team consist of pharmaceutical, regulatory and procurement background experiences, which allows us to deliver top quality services for customer satisfaction.

New-In Co., Ltd. is committed to extend its business activities worldwide and is one of the few pharmaceutical service companies to be receiving SGS ISO 9001:2015 certificate in year 2017.

We supply materials from well-known manufacturers that are in line with the manufacturing process and quality standard of USP grade, FCC from the United States, EP grade from European countries, JP grade from Japan and PIC/S member countries, etc. Most of our qualified manufacturers obtained cGMP and we are continuously registering drug lincenses (TDMF or IDL) to facilitate our customers in receiving top quality materials.

We have a transparent standard operating procedure in compliance with ISO 9001's guideline to incorporate, Integrity, into our management system.

We aim to be the pioneer of pharmaceutical raw material service company to our customers, and through this business activities in the biotech Industries, we expect to continuously providing our services and other products such as functional foods and cosmetic materials to create a win-win situation to our customers and the society as a whole.