YJK13: Plant origin Lactic Acid Bacterium

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  Lactic acid bacteria is generic name for the bacteria to be able to produce lactic acid from glucose, and used for production of 
cheese, yogurt and kimuchi (pickles) etc. Lactic acid bacteria are classified into two group, animal origin and plant origin, and animal origin is from milk or the digestive organ, and plant origin is from pickles or fruit etc.
  Recently, it is reported a lot that the lactic acid fermented food or the lactic acid bacteria possess various physiological functions.Especially, plant origin lactic acid bacteria has reported immunostimulating effects and anti-allergy effects.

  YAEGAKI has successfully isolated and screened a plant origin lactic acid bacterium. Lactobacillus plantarum JK-13 strain that shows strong immune response, and this JK-13 strain has been employed to ferment soluble soy protein, to obtain a Plant Origin Lactic Fermented Material (YJK-13).
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