Words from the CEO

 We are in the field of booming pharmaceutical biotechnology market, surrounded by the issue of aged population, high-specification quality requirement lead by PIC/S GMP and US DMF, and rapidly developed Big Data as well as Artificial Intelligence In healthcare. In this quickly changeable healthcare industry which is full of uncertainties, it is our mission and responsibility to build a forward-looking team, keep growing by a new business operation model through cooperation with worldwide partners, and reach a win-win situation.

    Thank all the esteemed partners who have supported us for all these years! It is our expectation to see more and more Taiwan biotechnology industries showing and proving their value to worldwide countries. Exploring higher quality of pharmaceutical ingredients and introducing technology transfer from global suppliers are what we will continue to do, assisting this industry to reach another milestone!

    Thanks to the development of genetic engineering and biotechnology, it has been a significant paradigm shift from small molecule drug to biologics in the pharmaceutical industry. Especially in the treatment of modern diseases such as cancer, autoimmune and diabetes, biologics is a redeemed key potential cure. New-In is dedicated to play an important role in supporting Taiwan biologics industry development.
    In the past 25 years, New-in explored everywhere to excavate potential ingredients, and bring these high quality ingredients to all over the world. We determine to delicate our best effort to establish a promotion platform for pharmaceutical and health ingredient in the world.